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Training Session Etiquette

Members should adhere to the following guidelines when registering for training sessions and while participating in the sessions.

GUN SAFETY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY. Live gunners must have a Firearm’s ID Card/Valid Hunting License/Hunter Safety Course Card. Those new to gunning at training sessions will be paired with an experienced gunner so they may learn the ropes. All Federal and State laws must be obeyed at all times.

Those unfamiliar with handling firearms should let the training group leader know and they will be given instruction prior to handling the popper gun, “popper” loads and blank pistols. All firearms, blank pistols, shotgun simulators, prop guns should be treated as they are loaded and should never be pointed at person or dog.

Training Sessions are for YWHRC members and member-owned dogs.

Guests may attend ONE session. Members are responsible for his/her guests.

Pre-registration deadline for training days the sign up deadline will be posted on the training day sign up. Live flyers at a live flyer day need to be paid for in advance and are not refundable pass the cutoff date for registration.  

Please arrive on time. Those arriving late will be asked to work before running his/her dogs. If you know you will be late contact the coordinator so he/she will know when to expect you. If you have to leave early make note of this when you register and plan to help in any series in which you run a dog.

YWHRC is hunting retriever club and the club is geared to members who wish to train dogs for hunting and/or hunt tests. The marks and blinds set ups at training sessions should reflect this and be kept within the prescribed hunt test guidelines or thereabouts. Please do not ask for the configuration of the set up to be changed for your dog; gun stations moved, gun stations added, the line changed. If one person is allowed to do this we must let everyone who asks do it and we will have chaos as well as scent everywhere. Puppies and inexperienced dogs may, of course, move closer to the marks if need be. Both Hunt Test styles, (AKC and HRC), will be run on the same training setup. Handlers may wear white coats while running his/her dog.

While watching other dogs running do not walk around the line especially while a dog running a blind. Be courteous while other dogs are running keep chatter quiet.

Everyone needs to work – expect to assist in each series in which your dog runs. After you are done running ask the group leader what needs to be done. If you have an illness/injury let the group leader know.

Don’t be a time hog, there is a 2-dog limit per series. If you have 4 dogs you can run 2 dogs in the first series and the other 2 in the second series. Training leader for the session make exceptions depending on group size and time.

Live Flyers - if the training day has live flyers - they need to paid for in advance. Only those who have purchased live flyers can leave with his/her birds.

Training birds - bring one bird per dog and tag your bird(s) so you can leave with the birds you brought. It’s your responsibility to take your birds home after training. Do not leave unwanted ducks behind.

Training birds for purchase - when you sign up you can pay for training birds. You own the birds and you can take home with you or you need to properly dispose of them.

Please plan to stay for clean up. If your schedule does not allow this perhaps you could plan to arrive early to assist with money collection, set-up etc.

Please be considerate and keep your dog/dogs under control.

If you have a bitch in season please be courteous and let everyone know. Plan to run last and please do not air near other dogs.

Common sense and common courtesy will go a long way towards making pleasant and productive. everyone’s day

What to bring:

It’s recommended you get a small waterproof bag and put all of the items you will need while you are in the field in it

Whistle Leash/Slip-Lead
Duck Call
Work Gloves
Training ducks/birds
2-Way Radio
Tie Out
Starter pistol and blanks
Rubber boots - knee high
Water for you and your dog(s)
Basic first aid kit for your dog
Orange Flag Tape

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