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Singles Championship

We've suspended this event for 2024.

Championship course will consist of single retrieves copying actual field conditions allowing dogs to compete equally with each other. The Open Blind Competition is for dogs with advanced handling skills.

CONCEPT: Dogs will demonstrate their ability to mark and retrieve single birds in challenging cover simulating a day in the field. All dogs will have a minimum of 2 retrieves. Back to back singles may be used. Except where otherwise stated below in the Singles

Championship Rules the judging will be based on a simplified version of the HRC Hunt Test rules. The judges have been carefully selected to present realistic hunting scenarios to demonstrate the retriever as a useful conservation tool. The judges have been urged to draw upon their actual hunting experiences and include any concept appropriate for that class. Hunting concepts should be used before traditional field trialing concepts even though this is also a competitive event for elimination.

This event requires a full day for a winning placement; substitute handlers are allowed. Handlers must wear dark or camo clothing appropriate for hunting. Rain gear and boots (preferably knee high or higher) should be brought to this event.

Dogs will be evaluated at 3 skill levels and handlers should consider which class is most appropriate for their dog. Dogs entering Open and Junior should be familiar with all retriever aspects: gun fire, decoys, boats/canoes, bird throwers and all game birds. The handler may be required to shoot the popper gun in Open Singles or Open Blind. Dogs may be cast from an area away from the handler in Open, but not in Junior or Puppy. Puppies 6-12 months may be required to run from a landed or beached boat/canoe.

In the Open Blind Competition, distance and concept is entirely up to the judges. Historically, the blind has been so rigorous that it has been deemed damaging to the development of dogs at inadequate skill level (beginning handling with no advanced experience) and therefore, we recommend that only HRCH Finished level experienced dogs with advanced handling skills enter this separate event.

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