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Pheasant Championship

The Pheasant Championship is a Fun Club Event - typically held at the end of October.

Concept. A team of 2 hunters and 1 dog will enter a field in which 4 pheasants have been planted. They have 25 minutes to find and bag all birds. Points will be accumulated based on the number of birds flushed, bagged, shells remaining, and time remaining.

Teams. Each team consists of 2 hunters (1 must be a YWHRC member) and 1 dog (must be owned by a YWHRC member-not necessarily one of the team members). Dogs may only run once during the day. Hunters, however, may be members of multiple teams. Each hunter will be given only 4 shells by YWHRC. Hunters may not share shells with their hunting partner. The dog may wear a flat collar and bell

if desired. NO ELECTRONIC COLLARS or other training aids are allowed, except a traditional whistle. Hunters must wear a hunters orange hat and vest/coat and above all must be aware of gun and dog safety.

The Field. The field will be of reasonable size and clearly defined by flags, ropes, or natural boundaries. Dogs must be kept within the field boundaries and under control at all times. A dog may leave the field to retrieve a downed bird. Any bird flushed from outside the field boundaries will be a NO BIRD.

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